Sunday, March 20, 2011

Word Collector

     About five month ago I came up with the idea of small game for android platform. And yesterday I published it on the market. I spend a lot of my free time on it and I happy that managed to bring the work to the end.
      Meet Word Collecter.
      It's a small casual action game. The main idea is help the robot to make up of words by collecting falling and rising letters. Game control is provided by the accelerometer, and game levels are very diverse both in appearance and gameplay.
     Some game screenshots:


    There are a lot of different bonuses:
         -       One of the most useful bonus. Stops the word conveyor for a while.
 -       Temporarily slows down the stream of time.
 -       Gives a small permanent speed increase to the robot.
 -       Works alone and helps you to collect letters without a penalty.
 -       Remits the penalty for incorrect letter collecting.
 -       Freezes for a while the letters which are not current.
 -       Blasts all falling letters except the current one. Shakes the display :p
 -       Nice move. Gives the current letter.
 -       Stops accidental change of letters for a while.
 -       Makes the letters which are not current go up.
 -       Helps to see the true value of the characters.
-        Makes all the letters similar to the current one.

   Let's see a small video about game:

   I'd like to thank Patrick Hoesly, I used his amazing tiles as a basis for the levels background. He added some feedback on this game in his blog recently. ))

  Some other places, were you can find review on this game:
   This is it. Guys, I'll be waiting for yours feedback :p 

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